The Best Things that Ever Happened to Me

No one's life is easy.  We all have difficult times and we all suffer losses, but life has it's wonders as well.  By far, the best thing that ever happened to me was the birth of my daughter.

The first time I saw her face, behind the maternity ward glass of the hospital in San Salvador, El Salvador, I felt myself imprinted with a love that would exceed all loves I have experienced.  I consciously pledged to watch over her, to love her, to protect her, and to be the one person should could depend upon for an eternity.  At that moment, my personal dreams and desires were replaced with a single dream and desire, to give all I had or ever would have to that one little baby before me.  I feel as dedicated to that pledge now, nearly 13 years later, as I did then.  I have never seen her as a burden, even for a microsecond, if anything the responsibility put upon me by her birth lifts me up like a balloon into the highest highs of existence.

All that came before that moment in my life is justified by the existence of this angel for whom I devote boundless love.  Yes, there are a great many things in my life that I wish did not happen, but if a single one of those things, in being avoided, would have prevented the creation of my daughter, then I would gladly suffer the torment of past hurts a million times over if that was what was required to arrive where I now am.  I cannot regret a single break up of previous romantic loves, for had they not come to an end, my daughter would not have come to a beginning.

In a way, this triumph of existence makes all past break ups good things that have happened to me.  For example, it is wonderful that my first wife and I ended our relationship for if I remained with her, my daughter would not exist.  Indeed, had I stayed with my first wife, I never would have had a child at all, as she and I always knew she could not have children.  While that never played a role in our break up, I see now that divorce as the thing that enabled me to become a complete human being - a father.  Had I stayed with my ex-wife, I would never have completed my destiny nor achieved my highest level of personal development.  I was meant to be a father.  I only regret not have more children just like my beautiful daughter.

The next best thing in my life, of course, was finding the woman that became the mother of my daughter.  When I went down to El Salvador as an elections observer in 1994, I never imagined or even contemplated meeting my future wife.  Somehow destiny brought us together.

I thank the Universe for smiling upon me.